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Provider Communications

Welcome to the NCTracks Communications resource page. On this page you will find information and resources to help prepare you for the migration to NCTracks. Specifically, you will find links to Connections, our bi-monthly newsletter, as well as links to our monthly tool kits, which include brochures, fact sheets and posters. Our guiding principle is to produce information and materials designed to educate, inform and prepare you, the provider community, for the changes you can expect with the implementation of NCTracks. Among other topics, the newsletter and toolkits will provide details regarding system functionality and features, training opportunities, changes to the enrollment process and how providers will have greater visibility and access to their information, to include claims processing when NCTracks is implemented.

Provider Checklist for NCTracks Go-Live

The purpose of this checklist is to help DHHS providers understand the tasks they need to perform, and how and when to do them, to enable a smooth transition to the new NCTracks system.

  • Designate the Billing Agent for your provider organization. (Applies to providers who use a Billing Agent/Clearinghouse.)
  • Obtain an NCID for your Office Administrator (owner/managing employee)
  • Obtain an NCID for all other staff in your provider organization who will access the NCTracks system and who will be trained
  • Update your affiliation information. (Applies to individual providers who are in groups and/or affiliated with hospitals, etc.)
    Submit a Medicaid Provider Change Form on the current NCTracks site at
  • Designate the Office Administrator (OA) for your provider organization (using NCID)
  • Provide your bank account information for EFT payments
  • Make sure your OA email address is current in the system
  • Electronically sign the Trading Partner Agreement. (Applies to Billing Agents and providers who will submit ASC X12 batch transactions to NCTracks.)
  • Complete the recommended NCTracks on-line training. (Must have a NCID)
  • Verify the taxonomy codes and locations on your provider record.

POP Training Information

Thank you for participating in the Provider Operational Preparedness (POP) training. Please retain your February 28, 2013 check-write data processed by HP for claim comparison with the new NCTracks. The primary focus of this training is the accessing and reviewing of Remittance Advices (RAs), i.e., 835 and Paper RAs. The goal of this training is for participants to gain an understanding of how claims will work within the new NCTracks.

The following documents are available for your review:


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